• Krypton Xenon Light Bulb for Kimball & Young Mirrors
    Price: $19.95

Model: KY-KX2000

Special Krypton Xenon 20 Watt Bulb, 30% brighter than the 25 watt incandescent bulb that comes in the wall or vanity Kimball & Young mirrors. Candelabra base.

Ideal replacement bulb for lighted vanity and wall cosmetic mirrors that take a maximum 25 watt incandescent bulb. Suitable for all brands that use a candelabra base "T8" shape bulb.


  • Performs like a halogen but better

  • Low watts in line voltage without transformers

  • No UV hazards, less heat build up & dimmable

  • Long Life (Avg. 3,000 hours) & energy efficient

  • 20 Watt 120Volt, 2.5" tall