• Multi Scan Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
    Price: $49.99

Manufacturer: Zadro
Model: ZTHE01

Special Look at this Amazing Device! No need to wake the baby, you can measure accurately up to 1/4" away! Optimal Temperature Reading at 1/4" Away from Surface. The Thermometer Stays Clean! Measures the temperature of objects and liquids such as food, bath water, formula & milk too! Comes in a protective case.

  • Baby Bottles
  • Formula
  • Bath Water
  • Hot Cereals/Oat Meal
  • Measures temperature range between 50°F and 122°F (10°C and 50°C)


  • Instant 0.1 Second Reading

  • Non-Contact Infrared temperature measuring

  • Measures up to 1/4” away
  • No contact with skin - thermometer stays clean
  • Holds 10 readings for two users

  • Water resistant tip

  • Accurate & Hygienic

  • Uses CR-2032 button cell battery (included)

  • 5" x 1.5" x.75" (6" long in case)

  • FDA Approved