• Lighted Wall Mount One-Sided Magnifying Mirrors
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Manufacturer: Zadro
Model: SW

Special Model SW35 Pictured

Fluorescent Surround Light 2000™ Wall Mount Mirror with dual arm wall mount that extends 15 inches and has a base measuring 4.75 inches across with on/off switch on base.

9¼ inch diameter, available with 5X or 7X optical quality magnification and your choice of metal finishes (Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel).

NOTE: These mirrors normally come with a plug-in cord, but in the case of remodeling or new construction, they may be directly hard wired into your electrical system if you so desire. If you get the plug in version, you have the ability to do either as it may also be hard wired by cutting off the plug and pulling the cord back through the base. Or you may order the version that can only be direct wired in with no plug. Please let us know which option you prefer. 110 Volts Only.

Please select desired finish and magnification.

For those who want just a little magnification, we can now offer 2X magnification on a Special Order basis. Please phone in your order if this is what you need.