• Lighted Folding Vanity & Travel 12X/1X Mirror, Battery Operated
    Price: $69.95

Manufacturer: Rialto
Model: RI-7504-12L

Special The Vanity & Travel Lighted Mirror can be used anywhere. Works with adapter (sold separately) or batteries. Optional AC adapter may be purchased directly from the manufacturer.


  • Two sided, 12X Magnification and plain mirror

  • Bright white light with LED lighting

  • 360 degree Lighting for Shadow Free Viewing

  • On/Off Switch on base

  • Uses 4 AA batteries (included)

  • 6" frame with 5.25" dia. mirror

  • Base with built-in storage compartments

  • Adjustable height to 13" and tilts for easy viewing

  • Folds flat for storage or travel to 2 inches

  • Lightweight at only 1 pound


  • Eyebrow Tweezing

  • Facial Hair Removal

  • Makeup Application

  • Skin Care/Facials

  • Contact Lens Insertion

  • Eye and Ear Care

  • Oral Hygiene/Flossing

    White Only