• Telescoping 6X/1X Suction Cup Mirror
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Model: TM1922

Special Equipped with a powerful, effective and exclusive patented suction cup, this Telescoping Mirror can be placed directly and instantly on any smooth and watertight surface: mirror, window pane, lacquered paint, Formica, tile, etc. The mirror is 6 inches (15cm) in diameter, optical quality, and is double sided.

One side is a plain mirror, the other side is a 6x times magnifying mirror. It is mounted on a telescopic arm. When folded down, it extends 8" (20cm), telescoping out to 31" (80cm). With two ball-and-socked joints (one on the base, the other on the mirror), the mirror will swivel 360°.


  • Keep both hands free to do make up, shave, tweeze, and all other facial grooming
  • Choose the exact distance between the mirror and the face
  • See oneself at all angles normally or magnified
  • See the back of your head for hands free hair care
  • Ideal for all ages both at home and while traveling
  • Suction pad fastening system easily permits moving from one place to another
  • Break resistant acrylic mirror, PVC body, stainless steel telescopic rod
  • Base is 4" and mirror is 6" in diameter
  • Size : 11 x 6 x 1". Weight : 11 oz.