• Hand Mirror 10X to 1X with Stand
    Price: $19.95

Manufacturer: Floxite
Model: FL-10H

Special Hand Mirror with Vanity Stand for Hands-Free use, 6.25 inch diameter, 10.25 inch length. This two-sided hand mirror features powerful 10X magnification on one side and plain mirror on the other.

The removable stand positions the mirror upright on a counter or vanity. Slide the stand up or down the handle to adjust the angle for optimum viewing. Ideal for make-up application, shaving, putting in contact lenses and more. Mirror is optical-quality glass with a durable, polished acrylic frame and stand. This magnifying mirror lets you get close-up for those finishing touches. It's high strength magnification lets you see details you could never see before! This is a perfect mirror for home or travel.


  • 10X magnifying mirror reverses to plain mirror

  • Frame is 6.25" diameter with 5" viewing area

  • Length is 10.25 inches

  • Removable stand